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About the Author

Alvin Austria Llanera is a Filipino Information Technology Specialist. He specialized in Computer System, Network Analysis and System Administration. He likes to take Photographs, writing and cooking. He is a family man on weekends.

About Tracker57

Tracker57 is a code name formed in 2004. Alvin used Tracker57 as a passcode for floppy disk drive during high school. Floppy disk was popular at that time as portable storage device. The 57 numerical code was based on character count of his given and last name.

Since then, Alvin used this alias in many accounts including email and social media. But never used as password anymore other than his floppy drive (sorry for that).

From code name to alias, Tracker57 is also used as the official domain for this website. This website aims to help Filipinos in resolving common technical issues of Computer Communications and Information Technology.