Paypal Card declined by issuing bank

Your card is declined by the issuing bank. Please try a different card or contact your card issuer with questions. This is a notification message when linking a card to your PayPal wallet. The card is not accepted by PayPal due to card limits and insufficient funds.

It means that the card may have zero remaining balance in it or not activated yet for online transactions with No PIN Purchase Limit. In a result, you won’t be able to add credit or debit card into PayPal account.

In this example, I will show you how to add a BDO debit card with the same issue when adding the card to PayPal wallet.

How to link a BDO debit card to PayPal wallet

Ensure that your BDO bank account has a minimum balance of at least P500. PayPal requires a minimum balance when linking new cards into their system. Transfer funds into your account if you have zero balance to continue.

Login to your BDO account by visiting Once logged in, proceed to Card Security Management then click the Gear icon under more options to access card security settings.

Select the No PIN purchase limit, then change the default value to either higher or lower than P50,000. Click Save, then Submit it. You will receive an email notification about the limit changes. This is real time; your card is now ready and activated for PayPal use.

To add your BDO debit card into PayPal wallet, go to

Click Wallet > Link a card > Input correct card details, then click on Link Card.

You have successfully added your card to PayPal wallet without receiving an error message.

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  1. It’s still didn’t work. I followed the limiting amount from the picture above and linked my debit card to paypal, however it still says “Your card was declined” blah blah blah.

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