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In this post, we will guide you on the basic network configuration of Rover CCTV. This enables the user to access CCTV by using smartphone and PC from a remote location. This setup will require basic networking knowledge and patience. Afterwards, you’ll be able to use the webserver feature of the DVR. Hence, CCTV control can now be accessible in remote PC and smartphone.

Basic network configuration of Rover CCTV

High speed internet is required along with Static IP address in setting up CCTV remote access. No guarantee that it will work if you have a DHCP residential subscription and wireless broadband as well. This allows your DVR’s web server to run smoothly over public internet networks. Static DSL or Fiber subscription is the best option.

You have to set a static local IP address on the DVR network configuration. Connect your DVR to Router’s ethernet port or Switch using a Cat5/6 Ethernet cable.

If you are not familiar with setting up static IP address, you may set the DVR to DHCP mode. It will be obtained automatically from DHCP server or Router. Once you have got the IP address provided, list it down and use it as a static one.

To check local connection, make a ping test. If you can receive replies, open your internet explorer browser and let all active controls and plug ins be enabled.

Local Access

Login to your DVR by typing the local IP address in the browser’s address bar. If your DVR has a different HTTP port other than 80, include a suffix port number. For example, You may install add ins if prompted to, and accept all warnings. Refresh your browser to login.

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Remote Access

To make it accessible from remote location, check your Router’s port forwarding or NAT setting. List down the local IP address, MAC address, HTTP port and Media port of the DVR. You need to create a firewall rule that will allow an external request to forward it into your DVR.

Using a remote PC, open an internet explorer browser. In the address bar, type the static external IP address of network in which your DVR is connected. This external IP address is assigned to you by an internet service provider. You must enable all active x controls and plug ins, then login window will prompt.

Smartphone Access

Search and install Rover app from Google Play or App Store if you want to access it by smartphone. Run the app and click register. You must input a valid username, password and email. Now, add your device, type in the DVR’s serial number, and log in credentials.

That’s it. Leave your comments below.

This applies to Rover DVR Version

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