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Default Username & Password of modem

How to login to your modem?

How to login using the default username & password of modem. This list are applicable to various types of modem of PLDT, Globe, Bayan, Sky and Converge. You to get the default login account values if you can’t login or after modem hard reset.

Login account is printed at the back of your modem. This includes the default IP address, username and password. Don’t be confused with SSID or WiFi name and Password or WLAN key.

To gain access with your modem, Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari). Type in the address bar the default IP address of your modem. Look at the back of your modem to check the default IP address or Gateway Address.

If you can’t login with the default value, you may try to get it by CMD Command Prompt command, ipconfig /all or simply ipconfig. Use the default gateway as your modem web access IP address. Use (https) prefix followed by the ip address if the (http) didn’t worked.

If you got the correct IP address, Type in the address bar and hit enter, this will lead you to the login page of your modem. Enter the default username and password. If it didn’t work, follow the guides below.

Once logged in as administrator, you can see status of your modem and change global configuration. This includes WiFi SSID or WiFi name and WLAN Key or WiFi Password. Before changing anything, it is recommended to create a backup. Changing incorrect broadband settings value could disrupt the connection.

Most of default username and password printed will work, if not you need to call your ISP internet service provider to get a help on how to break the password.

Default Username and Password of Modem in Philippines

PLDT ZyXELadminpldt
PLDT Huaweitelecomadmin
PLDT FiberHomeadmin1234
PLDT Home(none)pldthome
Bayan ZTEadminbayandsl
Globe Prolink
Globe Siemens
Globe at Home Huaweiuser@l03e1t3
Sky Fiberadmin
Digitel Prolinkadminpassword
Converge Huaweiroot
Converge FiberHomeuser1
Converge ZTEuser

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  1. hello
    i need some help to know DVR how to save video file ?
    and you to keep delete and how to play selected file

  2. The Only way to delete Video File which has been saved on your DVR's Hard Drive is to Format the whole disk. You can find this under system setting on the DVR Menu options.
    There are ways to save Video File, one is using USB disk (a FAT32 formatted), plugged the USB disk on your DVR, and look for USB file back up option. The other way is to Connect the DVR to your PC via Crossover cable or Router. Then access it by Browser or PC software. You must be able to playback and create back up files.

  3. Hi. does someone know how to change admin password, because when i try to change the password, it would say "ERROR, new password is not the same as confirmed password, i tried it many times already and it still won't change the password even using other internet browsers, please help on this.

  4. i believe sky broadband uses the default username and password. Try username: admin, password: admin or user-user or admin-123456. If are going to use this DSL Connection for CCTV, you need to ensure that the line is Activated into Static although you may see Dynamic (DHCP) type of connection on their Modem Router.

  5. im using belkin router and skycable broadband and its working good. yesterday i change my router into zyxel and boom! no internet connection. i just wondering any idea how to work this things? thanks in advance!

  6. how does one change the username from skybroadband? I was able to change the password..but I dunno how to change the username? thanks!

  7. Hi just wanna if im going to change the maximum no. of users to 6 on admin page of bayantel is there any possible error? the default maximum users is 5 i want to change it on 6 users.. is anyone there has an idea? thanks

  8. Hi There! I need some help on resetting the password of the modem (Bayan DSL). My Uncle change the password from bayandsl to a new password but suddenly he forgot it so we wasn't able to access the and we cant change the wifi password. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks.

  9. have you requested a new router (zyxel) from Sky Broadband? If not, you need to ask for assistance from them. They can remotely access the modem.

  10. Sir eto pa rin ba yung blank pa rin ba yung username and password pag tinatry ko UNAUTHORIZED daw. Please help me

  11. hi I need help I need to set up my routers password to change it on my on but every time i open web base set up page there is no admin tab i can only see satus set up and fire wal im using baudtec RN243R4 – 2T2R- A6

  12. Hi, how can i access pldt mydsl mode without connecting directly to the mmodem and just use my wireless? I tried the and it doesnt work. Thanks.

  13. Hi, i need some help in finding my username and password. I tried all of them (user-user/ admin-user) but didn't worked. I have PROLink ADSL Router.

  14. Hi! Pa help din ako about sa router ko.
    Model: SpeedSurf ADSL GAN4.FT130F-4
    Network: PLDT
    Internet: PLDT Home DSL
    Yung concern ko lang na-access ko naman yung router kaso limited or Basc lang siya sa "Wireless settings" at "Device Info". Ang gusto lang malaman yung Advance Setting nya kasi nag-try i-click yung link para sa advance setting nag-ask siya ng other user and pass.
    Basic Setting User:admin Pass:1234
    Advance Settings User:???? Pass:????

  15. good day admin naitapon kasi yung box ng ipp kasama user namepassword. pano ako magpapalit ng password? tapos nagpapalit mag isa yung wifi name nya. PLDTMyBliz 90EF68B6F130

  16. I used to enter my router page by using adminpldt but after resetting it once (just a normal reset) I can't seem to login anymore using the adminpldt username. Please help

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