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Linksys has two different sections that allow you to forward ports. One section allows you to forward a range of ports, and the other allows you to forward a single port.

The Port Forward Setup in Linksys

Step 1. From your Windows PC, Open a web browser. In the address bar, type in the default gateway address of your network. Click here to find out your default gateway. You should see a Linksys Login window. Input the username and password of your router, or use the default value admin and admin. If you fail to log on, contact your network administrator.

Step 2. In the router’s dashboard, click Applications and Gaming tab, then choose from Port Range Forwarding or Single Port Forwarding. Fill up the required fields.

Step 3. Provide the name of the program in the Application Name box. It doesn’t matter what you put in this box; it has to be something that will remind you that these ports are being forwarded.

a. If you are forwarding a single port, enter the port number in the External Port and Internal Port boxes.

b. If you are forwarding a range of ports, input the lowest number of that range into the Start box. Input the highest number of that range into the end box.

Step 4. Use the Protocol drop down box to select the protocol type of the ports you are forwarding.

Step 5. Type in the IP address of the host or DVR in the IP Address box.

If you are forwarding ports so you can run a program on your computer, you should enter your computer’s IP address on that box.

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Step 6. Put a check mark in the Enabled checkbox and don’t forget to click Save button. Some routers require a reboot, it is recommended to restart your router to take effect.

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