Sophos SG UTM Firewall

What is port forwarding?

Port Forwarding in Sophos Firewall simply reroutes the incoming request from outside client to specific port of your server or DVR within a network. A public IP address is commonly used by several hosts. When you access a CCTV DVR from outside network, the request is forwarded to specific ports like http port, control port and media port. Thus, traffic will be from and to your DVR only.

If you have an NVR device or a Server that needs to pass through your Sophos UTM. This port forward tutorial will help you.

First you have to login to your Sophos UTM using a web browser. Your default gateway address is usually the Sophos IP address also.

Sophos Login window

Assuming that you have already created a new device under Network Definitions. Now create the specific service ports needed by the device.

Sophos port forward 3

Look for Service Definitions under Definitions & Users, then Click New Service Definition.

Fill up the Service Name, Type of Port, Destination Port and write description under Comment box, and click Save.

Now, Click NAT (Network Address Translation) Under Network Protection settings.

Sophos Port Forwarding 4

​Click NAT on the second tab, Fill up the Service Port, the main internet Interface.

sophos port forwarding 5

​Look for the NVR device in the Destination box, and add the Service port needed, Tick Automatic firewall rule, and click Save.

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