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Wi-Fi Password are being stored on your laptop each time you connect to a new Wi-Fi hotspot. What if you want to connect to a access point and don’t know what the existing password is. All you need to do, get a laptop that is currently connected to it and find Wi-Fi password in it.

In this post, ill show you how to find the stored Wi-Fi password from Windows 10 device

Find active Wi-Fi password in control panel settings

Step 1. Go to Windows Search Bar and type control.exe /nameMicrosoft.NetworkandSharingCenter and hit enter.

wi-fi password 1

​Step 2. In the Network and Sharing Center window, Click the Wi-Fi name in which the laptop is connected. As shown below.

wi-fi password 2

​Step 3. The Wi-Fi Status window will pop up, Click Wireless Properties

wi-fi password 3

​Step 4. In the Wireless Network Properties window, Click Security Tab

​Step 5. Tick the Show Characters box to reveal the network pass key. WiFi key

Show all saved Wi-Fi password in command prompt

To find all saved WiFi password in your PC, you need to run command prompt tool in administrator mode.

Follow this guide to see the WiFi passwords.

  • Search CMD from search box and run as administrator or simply press windows key + X + C
  • In command prompt window, type netsh wlan show profiles and press enter . It will show you the list of all wireless access points saved on your PC.
wi-fi password 5
  • Then run this command, netsh wlan show profile name=WifiConnectionName key=clear , where WifiConnectionName is your selected WiFi connection profile. For example in this figure below I used ETHAN WiFi profile. It will show you all the information in this WiFi profile including the security key or password.
wi-fi password 6
  • Scroll down to security settings to get the WiFi key or password.

You can repeat the instructions above to see all other WiFi security keys or password.

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