ESET Protect login failed SQL Server not running

There is an error when a user cannot login to ESET protect console using his valid credentials. The local host or IP address is accessible and login window is available.

It happens when the SQL Server (ERASQL) is not running, it will give an error: login failed: connection has failed with state “loginconnectionstatenotconnected”

How to fix ESET protect login failed

To fix it, Go to ESET server (on premise) and run Services in administrator mode.

ESET Protect login failed SQL Server not running

Ensure that Apache Tomcat and ESET Protect Server are also running. You can also change their default startup type into Automatic.

Now to run SQL Server (ERASQL), select SQL Server then Click Start or right click it then select properties then click Start, alternatively change startup type to Automatic, click Apply then OK.

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