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How to print screen?

What is print screen?

Print Screen is a key present in most Laptop and PC keyboard. With combination of other keys such us & keys, it allows user to save bitmap image of the screen or screenshots to the clipboard.

In Windows, the captured image can be paste using + command in Microsoft paint or Microsoft Word.

In most mobile phones, screenshots can be saved instantly in the pictures folder by pressing keys at the same time.

How to print screen in Windows 10?

To print the entire screen in Windows 10, simply press the key on top of your keyboard just next to Function keys.

Open Microsoft Paint or graphics processing program or Microsoft Word then press + to paste.

To print screen the selected Window, press + key, then paste it to graphics processing program.

Pressing + key, will automatically save the entire screen into default Pictures folder.

Snip & Sketch and Snipping Tool

Alternatively, you can use the Snip & Sketch or Snipping Tool program to capture selected screenshot of your Windows.

Open Snipping Tool program, Click New, left click and drag to get a screen copy. Mark with pen tool or just click Save.

To use Snip & Sketch, press ++ keys. Or you may Click New to start drawing shapes and Save it. You have an option of Rectangular, Free-form, Windows Snip or full screen to save.

How to capture screen in Mac

There is no Prt Sc key in Macintosh machines, instead they use combination of keys to capture screen and save it to clipboard.

To capture the whole screen in Mac, press Cmd + Shift + 3, while Cmd + Shift + 4 allow to capture selected part of the screen.

How to take screenshot in Android device?

Open the screen you want to capture then press Power + Volume down keys at the same time, you would hear a shutter sound.

You can also press and hold power button for few seconds, then tap screenshot.

Open Gallery or Photos app to get the captured image.

To learn more please visit Google Support.

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