Mail Merge in Word 2010

To create a mail merge in Outlook 2010 we need to use the Microsoft Word 2010 as default editor and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for contact details database. If you have multiple email accounts in Outlook, select the default account that you want to be the mail sender for this purpose.

Mail Merge is an automatic addition of names and addresses from a database to letters and envelopes in order to facilitate sending mail, especially advertising, to many addresses.

How to Mail Merge in Word 2010

Step 1- Open up Microsoft Word 2010. Start by writing the content of your letter, you may also insert a picture in the message body. To begin mail merge, click Mailings tab, then click Start Mail Merge. Select and click Email Messages from the list.

mail merge send email messages
Start Mail Merge then click E-mail Messages

Step 3- Prepare a contact list of recipients. Open up Microsoft Excel 2010 for this. From the Excel workbook, create a name and email address column. Fill it up then save it as CSV file type in your local directory.

Create a simple contact list in Excel 2010 and save it as CSV file

Step 4- Back to Microsoft Word 2010, Under Mailings Tab, Click Select Recipients, and then click use existing list. A new window will pop up. Select the contact list that you have made in Excel 2010 and click open.

Mail merge use existing list contact database csv format
Use Existing List, Excel CSV format contact database

Alternatively, you can click, select from outlook contacts. It will use your outlook contacts as recipients.

Step 5- Under Mailings tab, click Edit Recipient List to validate and check them.

Mail merge edit recipient list
Edit recipient list in mail merge

Step 6- You can also add a greeting line, click Greeting Line from Mailings Tab. Once done, click OK and then Preview Results.

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Add greeting line in mail merge 2010
Add greeting line in mail merge Word 2010

Step 7- Lastly; click Finish and Merge and select Send Email Messages. Input the email subject, and click OK to send them.

Finish mail merge and send Email messages
Finish & Merge, select Send Email Messages to complete

After that, Microsoft Word 2010 will automatically generate emails, and send them using the default Email account in your Microsoft Outlook 2010. This Email merger will be recorded in your Outlook 2010 Sent items.

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