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To stop pop-ups notification in Chrome, you need to access Chrome settings, choose which website to stop, then select notifications from permissions list and click block. Alternatively, turn off notifications by clicking reset permissions, on top of the list.

What are pop-ups?

Pop-ups are notifications by Chrome which appear on the lower part of the screen. It may contain website content or articles. These are caused by websites that you have previously set to allow notification in Chrome browser.

To turn off pop-ups’ notifications in Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome browser
  2. At the top right corner of the screen, click the three dots to open customize and control settings, then click Settings from the options
  3. Click Privacy and Security, and then click Site Settings. This option controls what website can show and use in your PC.
  4. Scroll down below, click View permissions and data stored across sites
  5. Search the website name that causes pop-ups, from the site list result, click the website you want to turn off pop-ups, then click arrow right button to open the site permission settings.
  6. Under Permissions setting, Select Notifications and the click Block from the dropdown menu. The default value is Ask.
  7. Also under Permissions setting, click Block from the drop-down menu of Pop-ups and Redirect. The default value is Block.

You can also click the Reset permissions to go back to default values.

Unable to stop pop-ups after disabling Chrome

If you are still getting pop-ups after disabling it in Chrome settings, you may be infected by Malware. Which causes the browser to run slowly and eats a lot of memory?

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To remove malware, try running your PC in Safe mode and scan it using Junkware removal tool.

If still unable to get rid of pop-ups in Chrome, install licensed Endpoint Security or Anti-Virus software in your PC.

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