Epson L3110 ink paper flashing

If the Epson L3110 printer is not working, it usually tells you by flashing lights or combination of steady and flashing lights. A normal printer shows a steady green power button light.

In this scenario, the printer is not working and the light indicator shows a steady green power light and flashing orange both ink and paper light.

This issue is caused by exceeded waste ink pad counter. To fix it, you need to reset the counter by using Epson L3110 reset software.

How to reset the Main Waste Ink Pad Counter of Epson L3110?

First, ensure that the USB cable is plugged in your PC, Epson L3110 driver and utilities have been installed properly.

Then, download the software and extract it. Open the folder and run the executable file.

By default, the software will automatically detect your printer. Set the port selection into Auto.

Now select Particular Adjustment mode, click Waste Ink Pad Counter, and then click OK.

Click on Check to see if it reached the maximum points in the Main Ink Pad counter. If it does, tick the Main Ink Pad Counter check box to select, then click Initialize. Click OK to begin then turn off your printer.

Power On your printer, and see if it fixed the problem.

You can also click Get Status to see your printer’s current state. Click Finish, then quit if you’re done.

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