Fans of slots on sites like need not worry about new games. There are new slot machines every month, and the supply of new games will keep on coming.

Console and PC games, on the other hand, are a different matter. It takes a long while before a game developer can make a computer game. This 2023, we have seen the release of several of them, but there are more to come. Let us take a look at the most anticipated and upcoming games of 2023!

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless

Release Date: October 3

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, PC

Disgaea is back, and it is expected to be better than ever. Vows of the Virtueless brings back the leading character, Fuji, as he starts a new journey. Players can expect new features and scarier realms. In this upcoming game, the Bushido code is out. However, the code of destruction is what you, the player, will have to deal with.

There are several underworlds that players must navigate, and Hinomoto is one of them. You have to face various demons, and you will also work with a character called Pirilika. She is a wealthy young woman who you need to protect.

As Pirilika tries to achieve her ambitions, you will need to hone your skills, win battles, and do what you can to rank up the RPG platform. If you do well, you can unlock the new auto-battle, create a team, and stack them up against other players.

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You are not stuck with a single player. There are 40 other characters that you can choose from. However, you can concentrate on Fuji if you want to complete the storyline.

Detective Pikachu Returns

Release Date: October 6

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Detective Pikachu Returns was announced in 2019, and yes, it took the developers years to make it happen. It is the sequel to the hit game Detective Pikachu. The sequel saw the light of day back in June 2023, which delighted fans.

The new game is set in the fictional world of Ryme City. Pikachu is reunited with an old friend, Tim Goodman, in solving mysteries and finding the origins of the Pikachu. There will be Pokémon characters in the game, so fans of the most famous Pokémons can start celebrating as early as now.

Perhaps the biggest issue of fans is that the game is only available on Nintendo Switch. The previous version was available on 3DS, but this time, it is exclusive. Not much is known about the storyline for this game, so all we can do now is wait.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Release Date: December 7

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series X/S, and Amazon Luna

Fans of the Na’vi can rejoice as they can now become one of the tribes. Players can now navigate the open worlds of Pandora, but only the Western Frontier part of it. 

Your role as a Na’vi is one who got abducted by humans, particularly a corporation called RDA. The humans trained you to do their bidding, but then you find yourself free from them one day. As a stranger to the culture and land of the Na’vi, you must learn their ways and reconnect to your heritage. 

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This game makes it possible for you to soar the skies of the Western Frontier of Pandora. You can ride the banshee and take the fight against the RDA. You will also have access to Na’vi weapons, plus the modern weapons of humans, to fight the evil corporation.

Counter-Strike 2

Release Date: August 21

Platform: PC

CS 2 is an upgrade of the ever-popular CS: GO. The sad news is that its initial release is only for PC. No one knows if Valve has a plan to release it in consoles. Currently, the game is in beta test, and only a handful of players can access it.

In all of Counter-Strike’s history, CS2 has the most massive technical leap. Many players expect a lot of features and upgrades happening in the future — updates that will make the game much more enjoyable to play.

One such upgrade is the responsive smoke. In this version, CS2 smoke grenades will now react to their environments. They will also react to gunshots, lights, and even explosions. The good news is that CS2 will arrive as a free update to CS: GO — those who have the game need not pay. 

Although some games have come and gone, you can still line up the remaining months of the year. Prepare for these games — read their specific reviews and decide which one is best for your gaming style. It is up to you now if you want to play massive RPGs or simple platform games.

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