PLDT modem LED light indicators

​There are several LED light indicators on your PLDT Enterprise modem. From left to right, Power, FiBR (DSL), Internet, WAN, Ethernet (LAN), 2.4G and 5G (Wireless Network), and USB 1 and 2 ports. These indicators tell us the current status of modem as well as any trouble in internet connection. Without LED indicators, you won’t be able to determine the health status of modem and find difficult to troubleshoot connection issue.

What is VCI VPI values in PLDT, Globe and Converge?

Virtual Path Identifier (VPI) is an 8-bit (user to network packets) or 12-bit (network-network packets) field within the header of an Asynchronous Transfer Mode packet. Virtual Channel Identifier (VCI) along with VPI is used to identify the next destination of a cell as it passes through a series of ATM switches on its way to its destination. These numbers are essential on every DSL Modem to communicate each other.

Below are the Virtual Path Identifier (VPI), Virtual Channel Identifier (VCI) and Encapsulation mode value for PLDT, Bayan DSL and others.