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We have helped many people get gun crime charges dismissed or reduced. We understand that a conviction for this type of crime can ruin your life. Learn more about Los Angeles gun crime attorney.

Matthew recently defended a client charged with carrying a concealed firearm at LAX. He got all the felony charges dropped and the case was amended to disturbing the peace.

Representation in State Court

The United States Constitution affords citizens the right to bear arms, but California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Gun crimes are taken very seriously and convictions often lead to hefty jail or state prison sentences. They also leave a permanent record that can be used to discredit the defendant.

Matthew is able to defend clients against all types of weapon and firearm related offenses. He works to have charges reduced or dismissed so that his clients can avoid the negative impact these felony records have on their lives.

For example, Matt recently represented a client arrested at LAX Airport for carrying a loaded concealed gun in her luggage. She had forgotten she had the gun in her luggage and entered TSA security. The Defendant was charged with a Felony and would have lost her job. Matt negotiated a dismissal of the felony charges without the need for her to go to Court.

Representation in Federal Court

While the right to bear arms is a fundamental liberty, there are still many gun crimes that can be prosecuted in state and federal courts. These include:

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When you are contacted by federal investigators it is important to retain a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney immediately. It can take months before formal charges are filed and an experienced attorney can quickly get a jump on the case.

Often federal cases arise as the result of another offense that involves a violation of federal laws. For instance, a drug trafficking investigation may lead to a weapons charge. Or a person who violates parole may be arrested for a gun offense.

In a federal case, you are entitled to legal counsel free of charge provided by the government. But the public defenders are very busy and typically cannot devote much time to each individual case. An experienced criminal lawyer can help you work through the details of your case to build a strong defense.

Expungement of Convictions

Although the Constitution affords the right to bear arms, State and Federal gun laws make it a crime to possess certain weapons and can result in serious prison sentences for those convicted. A Los Angeles weapons crimes lawyer who has experience handling cases of this nature can help you clear your name or minimize the penalties that you will face if you are convicted.

Having a gun conviction on your record can have serious consequences, such as denial of a professional license or inability to obtain government student loans. Your attorney can help you determine if you have a chance to have your record expunged, which will prevent the conviction from showing up on background checks that might be done for employment, rental, or school applications.

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Seppi Esfandi has helped many people get their criminal records expunged and sealed. He is a certified Specialist in Criminal Law, which means that he has been recognized by the State Bar and judges as having a high level of expertise.

Representation in Appeals

When a person is charged with any type of firearm related crime, it is important to take the case seriously. Even a misdemeanor weapons offense can leave a criminal record that will have a negative impact on a person’s life. A conviction for a gun offense can also make it very difficult to obtain employment or to rent an apartment.

Most gun crimes are charged as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the type of firearm and the circumstances surrounding the crime. A conviction for carrying a concealed weapon or possession of a high capacity magazine can result in up to one year in jail.

Matthew recently represented a client who was arrested while traveling through the airport on his way to Washington State. He forgot that she had a handgun in her luggage, and TSA agents discovered the gun during a bag check. The City Prosecutor offered Matt a deal that got the charges dismissed without his client having to go to Court.


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