Businesses spend considerable amounts to get a dedicated space at important trade shows and events, but the success largely depends on the appeal of the booth. Attending a trade show gives your company the unique opportunity to get more leads and garner attention for the brand, and it is critical to use the right displays and exhibits. When it comes to trade show displays, here are some tips to follow.

Use bright colors, but don’t overdo it

Three bright shades are just enough to turn heads but ensure that the palette is in sync with the brand’s theme and overall appeal. For instance, both blue and green are great for companies that are catering to adults exclusively. The demographics of your target audience are a factor in selecting colors. Also, do not use too many shades at once, as that can clutter the displays.

Keep some empty space

Whether you are choosing flyers, hanging exhibits, or wall coverings, you need to ensure that displays have enough empty space. Too much information cramped in a small space can lead to chaos and impact the appeal of the design. Even the most expensive displays need some breathing area.

Always focus on cohesiveness

The messaging of your booth needs to be uniform. Consider the purpose of the trade show, the products you want to highlight, and your budget and focus on creating a cohesive theme that binds all elements together. Go for displays that bring USPs to the forefront.

Invest in reusable pieces

When it comes to trade shows, you have to invest in displays and exhibits that can be rehashed and used for other events. Remember that attending these events is almost a norm for most businesses, and you don’t want to redo everything from scratch when designing a booth.

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Add interactive displays

Today, more suppliers are working with AI-inspired interactive exhibits that allow attendees to discover products and services. These displays are way more advanced and cost more, but just adding one or two such elements can be a game-changer of sorts.

Don’t miss the portability factor

You would want to set up your trade show booth in time and leave without fuss, and therefore, exhibits and displays need to be portable, lightweight, and easy to install. Many vendors have options that don’t require professional installation and are just as versatile and practical.

Check online for trade show display vendors now and discuss your goals.


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