Spooky season is upon us. Halloween is an exciting holiday for all involved. Whether it be children trick or treating, young people partying, or everyone watching scary films, we all have different ways of celebrating this holiday. Some of us enjoy reading about or visiting haunted locations.

Hotels, motels, casinos, or abandoned buildings enchant the mind and create images of spirits, ghosts, and ghouls that can both frighten and excite. Certainly, there have been quite a few legendary haunted casinos worldwide. In this article, we would like to explore some of them and discuss who is haunting them and why.

The Flamingo, Las Vegas

The Flamingo is the oldest casino on the Las Vegas Strip. The Casino, drenched with history, is owned by Caesar’s Entertainment and encompasses over 70,000 ft2 of property. While it is historically significant and enjoyable to play at, what truly sets the Flamingo apart is that many have reported seeing a well-known face throughout the years, Bugsy Siegel. Or rather, his ghost.

Bugsy Siegel was a mobster with deep ties to the Jewish mafia. He is also known as the Father of Las Vegas and the man behind the opening of the Flamingo. Bugsy’s importance to the gambling industry cannot be understated. Without him, one of the most prominent destinations in the gambling world may not have come about, and who knows if we would have seen developments like online casinos.

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Indeed, online casinos are a staple of the gambling market today. You can access them from home, use various casino payment methods, and access many popular games. The online casino market is now rivaling the land-based industry, and who knows if either would have reached these peaks if it were not for Bugsy and Las Vegas.

Casa Vernescu, Bucharest

Romania has its fair share of legends tied to mysticism and the occult. After all, the famous, or infamous, Count Dracula comes to us from a region in Romania. When visiting the country’s capital, Bucharest, gamblers get a warning about the spirits haunting the historic and beautiful Casa Vernescu, which houses the Romanian Palace Casino.

According to legend, Casa Vernescu attracted wealthy men and cocky gamblers from around the country (and even the continent). Inevitably, the visitors would lose their wealth and live with the humiliation. Upon losing, they would take their own lives, and their spirits would be trapped within the confines of the building, never to be free again.

Indeed, visitors claim to feel “chills” when visiting the Casa Vernescu. Perhaps this story inspired the Haunted Inn slot game, which is perfect to play during Halloween. Or perhaps Casa Vernescu’s “haunting” is just part of the appeal. A legend told to attract more gamblers and paranormal enthusiasts. We may never know.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo

What Las Vegas is to the U.S.A., Monte Carlo is to Europe—a city of glitz and glamour and the most prominent gambling destination in the continent. Princess Caroline was the mind behind the casino, and her husband, Prince Florestan, provided the funds. So, when visitors talk about seeing a spectral beauty bejeweled and wearing a gown, many assume it is the ghost of Princess Caroline herself haunting the casino.

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However, only a few believe the Caroline story. Some have noticed that spirit sightings coincide with Queen of Hearts cards missing from decks. Due to this, many have deduced that the woman is a scorned lover, taking her revenge on gamblers by attempting to ruin their game. What is the truth? We may never know.

Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City

The addition of Diplomat Hotel may be cheating, as it was never a casino and is not actually in operation, but it is such a fascinating story that it is worth telling regardless. The abandoned structure has so much bloody and brutal history that a haunting is not all that implausible.

Antonio Agapito managed it in its heyday, a faith healer famous for “psychic surgeries.” During WWII, the Japanese Imperial Army brutalized the hotel and never entirely composed to return to its former glory. In 1990, an earthquake destroyed the Diplomat, completely putting the structure out of commission.

However, employees and visitors reported headless specters wandering the halls during its heyday. In subsequent years, the Philippines has developed a vibrant casino industry. Not only that, but thanks to the growing popularity of blockchains, the online gambling industry in the country has been transformed. So, many expect that the Diplomat Hotel will be rebuilt as a Casino Resort. But will the specters continue to haunt the place? We may never know.

Glamis Castle, Scotland

Again, we may be cheating with this one, as Glamis is not a casino. However, the story does involve gambling. The Castle’s Earl was playing a game with his friends one late Saturday night. Once midnight struck the hour, his visitors put their cards down, refusing to play on the Sabbath. The Earl, in perhaps a drunken stupor, exclaimed that he would play with the Devil Himself.

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Indeed, now, the Earl’s spirit haunts the halls of Glamis Castle, wishing to play a game of cards with whoever may accept it. However, the wager may be more than his opponents bargained for.


Are there any haunted casinos in Las Vegas?

If the stories are to be believed, yes.

Are there any horror-themed slots at online casinos?

Absolutely. Horror is one of the most prominent themes regarding online slots.

Who is the spirit of Casino de Monte Carlo?

Nobody knows. However, the main theory is that it is Princess Caroline herself.

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