The legality of Bingo Plus is a question of many players, especially when using GCash. Is betting on Bingo allowed? What are the legal requirements? What is the minimum age for players?

This guide will answer all these questions, as well as explain more about the payment rules and some interesting details. In addition, we will explain some obstacles that poster users may encounter, as well as certain parameters that need more attention. Read on to find out.

Legal Status of Bingo in the Philippines

Is Bingo legal in the Philippines? Yes, it is legal. The regulation is very clear on this subject, but you need to be aware of the details of it. 

Thus, any service that offers the game must be licensed, following the rules of PAGCOR. The official government organization has a strict set of rules created to keep gambling responsible and inspect every casino, including those that work online.

Philippine’s law requires separate licenses for sites that offer bingo and sites that offer other types of games. Always check if the platform has the correct authorization, considering this detail. Also, check if the license is up-to-date and valid. 

Another documentation that every online bingo needs is authorization from EGEBLD. This service works specifically with electronic games, with rules that apply only to this sector. 

It is worth saying that the services like Gcash Bingo Plus have such licenses since it is one of the requirements for casinos that work together with the payment method. However, as a security measure, it is always interesting to check before placing your bets.

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The Role of Gcash in Bingo Transactions

As mentioned above, GCash is already a service that assists in pick online bingo, since the services that have the payment method have operating licenses. But the virtual wallet is not limited to that.

Being the most popular payment method in the Philippines, it allows all types of players to have access to online bingo. Those who have been playing for a while will have ease, as well as those who have no experience. Just register in the service and deposit/withdraw using GCash.

Another important point is that GCash concentrates its own bingo platforms within its app. You can access the gaming area and choose a bingo directly there, without having to download another app or enter any website. That’s even how Bingo Plus works.

Regarding legislation, GCash is registered in the national financial system. This means that the tool applies user protection and anti-money laundering rules.

Therefore, if you use the service, you can be sure that it is within the legal requirements. Of course, provided that it complies with the rules of age.

Regulatory Challenges and Concerns

The Philippines has had some challenges with bingo and online betting systems in general. More than just regulating how these services should work, several other issues had to be discussed. For example:

  • One of the most important points was the creation of a distinct license for video games. This made the rules adapted to work better with online platforms.
  • Another complex topic is the relationship between physical casinos and online services. Physical casinos have existed for a long time but lost a certain audience precisely because of the competition with digital versions. Currently, there is a certain harmony between each sector.
  • Still, there is the question of bingo operators that has no operating authorization. In this case, it may suffer legal sanctions, ranging from suspension to total exclusion from the platform.  
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All regulations and lists of regulated services are available on the PAGCOR website. 


The emergence of GCash has changed how the betting world works, as it has made the experience much easier. Another aspect in which the means of payment was beneficial was security, as it offers deposits and withdrawals with different levels of protection.

Bingo Plus is a service that complies with all the laws required by the Philippines, with operating licenses. The same goes for GCash, which complies with measures required by the financial system. Finally, remember to gamble responsibly and set personal boundaries.

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