Palawan Express Pera Padala have partnered with Philippine Seven Corporation to enable sending money from selected 7-Eleven stores through their CLiQQ kiosk machine. 7-Eleven only accepts send transactions and can be claimed at any Palawan Pawnshop, Palawan Express, Tambunting, LBC, SM and Robinsons.

How to send money using 7-Eleven’s CLiQQ kiosk machine to Palawan Express

Go to the nearest 7-Eleven branch that has an online CLiQQ kiosk machine. Check with them if sending money to Palawan Express is available.

Proceed to the CLiQQ machine, from the main menu, tap Palawan Express Pera Padala. Tap Send Money.

Enter the Amount you’re going to send. It will give you a computation of payment including the service fee. The maximum allowed amount is 2,500.00 per transaction, maximum 5,000.00 a day per user and maximum (3) three transactions a day per user.

Enter the Sender’s First Name, Last Name and Mobile Number. After that, you will also enter the Receiver’s information. Tap Next to continue.

You are now going to see the summary of the transaction. Review and tap next to continue, otherwise tap back to edit your entries.

Ensure that the details are correct. Change of the original entries and cancellation of transaction are not allowed in 7-Eleven stores. You must proceed to any Palawan Pawnshop and bring transaction receipt and a valid ID.

Tap Print to print the payment slip then proceed to the cashier for payment along with your valid ID. Payment slip is valid for two days.

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Upon payment, all transaction details will be printed on the receipt. You will also be notified via text message.

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Sending money through Palawan Express is now easy. Through the CLiQQ kiosk, users can now send money 24/7 to selected 7-Eleven branches. The CLiQQ mobile app also allows you to send money to Palawan Express.

TIP | You can make fund transfer from PayPal wallet with a minimum of 10.00 up to 500.00 only.

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