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PLDT modem as a gateway can block Facebook and other websites. On the other hand, when PLDT modem is in bridged mode, you can only manage parental control in the router or firewall.

In this scenario, we will block Facebook access from a PLDT gateway. Hence, all users connected to the network won’t be able to use Facebook apps, Messenger and Facebook using web browser.

To block Facebook in PLDT, we need to add in the parental controls setting of the modem.

Block Facebook access in PLDT VMG3926-B10B

Connect your PC to the PLDT network, open your web browser and go to gateway address (the default is Input the default login credentials, username is adminpldt, and password is pldt1234.

Hover to Security tab > Parental Control settings.

To add a new PCP or Parental Control Profile, click Add new PCP. A new window will pop up.

PLDT Parental Control Profile section
PLDT Parental Control Profile

Tick Active option to enable, input the desired parental control profile name, in this case we will add Facebook. Then select All from the drop-down options for Home Network User if you want to block it to all users, otherwise select specific user from the list.

Internet Access Schedule, this is the time and date setting for access. And then define the time by dragging the scroll bar from left to right. We can block Facebook to selected users and specific time and day only.

Network Service setting, in this option you need to set it to block. If you want to define specific service protocol and port, click on add new service. For Facebook block setting, leave it blank.

PLDT Parental Control Profile block site section
PLDT Parental Control Profile block site section

Blocked Site / URL keyword, click Add to add Facebook and other prohibited websites, then click OK.

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Finally, click Apply and then click Enable in the general parental control profile settings.

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