PLDT Customer Support

You may call PLDT hotline number and reach them by contact details listed below. Use the PLDT landline or Smart Cellphone for better access. PLDT Customer Service & Repair Service call center are available from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays.

Things need to be prepared before calling PLDT Hotline

  • Account Number
  • Telephone Number
  • Account Name
  • Full Name and Designation in a company account
  • Issue Description
  • Trouble Ticket Number for follow up report

Report any trouble with the customer service representative. Don’t forget to note down your reference ticket number. You may be asked for it in succeeding follow up of concern.

PLDT Customer Care can also be reached using Email, Chat & Social Media platforms.

In case you have no other option to report your issue, you may visit PLDT business centers near you.


PLDT Landline Customer & Repair Service Hotline

A- Dial 171 using PLDT landline toll free Monday-Friday 8:00-7:00PM, Saturday & Sunday 8:00AM-5:00PM

B- Dial 171 using Smart Cellphone toll free Monday-Friday 8:00-7:00PM

C- Dial 02-8-888-171 from non-PLDT landline

Social Media Accounts


Dial 101-3427 toll free using PLDT landline

PLDT Home Ultera

Dial 171 toll free using Smart Cellphone

Dial 02-8672-7277 or 1-800-10-6727277 toll free using PLDT landline in Metro Manila

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Dial 172 toll free using PLDT landline

PLDT Enterprise

Dial 177 using PLDT landline toll free

Dial *177 using Smart Cellphone toll free

Send SMS key in PLDT177<space>HELP and send to 77177

Send Email to

Log an after sales concern

Report a problem online

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When to call PLDT Service Hotline?

Ensure that you have done the basic troubleshooting before calling PLDT Hotline. This will let you familiarize yourself with the issue. If you can solve it by yourself, the next time it happens, there’s no need to ask assistance from PLDT support team. This will also reduce the time of interruption and minimize the incoming calls to the PLDT Hotline.

For internet users, this is your check list before calling the PLDT hotline number.

  • Dial tone
  • Telephone cable and connectors
  • Modem light indicators
  • Restart your modem
  • Connect your PC directly to modem
  • Invalid modem configuration

Tell the PLDT Tech support of what you have done. Usually, they will ask you first to do the basic troubleshooting like the current light indicators. If the basic troubleshooting didn’t resolve the issue, request them to send a technician or engineer to your location.

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  1. Kindly follow up PLDT connection, We Have NO Internet and land line connection since yesterday. Today is the scheduled exam for my children..
    Kindly FIX your mess. Last time, Very SLOW Internet connection. WHAT KIND of SERVICE do you have? Kindly tell us your mission and Vision?

  2. I would like to follow up my Application.When are youy going to do my installation?Its been a month waiting for installation already.

  3. I want to follow up may reconnection ..i already pay my bill .. but is 1week waiting until now no internet connection ..

  4. Pls follow up status of repair.
    Its already 2 days na wala pa din action.

    Paki ayos naman po. Bago lang pa lang kami one month pa lang kami gumagamit ng internet niyo. Tapos ganito na ang service niyo. So disappointed!!!
    Ang hirap niyo rin kontakin at tawagan na ka system generated lang kayo!.

  5. Pls follow up satus of repair its been 6 days when our connectio lost, my reference number is 52226014…
    Paki ayos naman po ASAP need po ng anak ko for online class. Meron nga sa sa messenger pero same lang ang replay.

  6. Please help our wifi connection has lost its been 4days its always with the red blink under LOS please help I have son needs to attend his everyday online class please respond thank u and hoping for your kind consideration

  7. Account number 02546454**
    Maria victoria cabuello
    Need badly for your immediate reply please help
    Problem: red blink under LOS
    No wifi connection

    Please help…

  8. 0629470362
    No internet connection since Feb 6..,repair request already done Feb7 but until now ,,still no wifi connection,,,we need badly for the research of my children in school..

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